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• Want to feel more confident in bed?
• Long to experience more pleasure in your body?
• Wish you were sexually uninhibited?
Fantasize about hot sex, but don’t know how to achieve it?
• Are you motivated & open minded with a desire to look inside yourself?
• Could you use expert guidance & support to heal your sex and intimacy?

UPCOMING: Keeley's Online Sex Class

Ready to have more fun, feel more confident, and become an expert lover?
In 12 engaging modules, I'll teach you how to unleash your erotic potential, skyrocket your pleasure and forge deep & meaningful connections.

Designed as sex classes for couples and people who are single, these virtual sex lessons are geared toward showing you how to connect with pleasure in your body and with another person. So, no matter how long you've been questioning yourself, even if you're close to giving up hope of ever having a fulfilling relationship... You’ll finally start enjoying uninhibited, meaningful, “comin’ back for more & more” sex...with more confidence and clarity than ever before.


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Let's work together

I’m Keeley Rankin. As a leading intimacy and relationship coach based in San Francisco, I’ve been successfully helping men, women and couples overcome intimacy struggles and enjoy extraordinary sex since 2010. I received a Masters in Counseling Psychology with a focus on Marriage and Family Therapy from John F. Kennedy University. I have extensively trained in many different modalities of body based psychotherapeutic approaches including Hakomi, Recreation of the Self, Mindfulness and am a Certified Somatica Practitioner.

I believe all people want to experience mind-blowing, earth shattering, soul cleansing sex. Both men and women report wanting to feel sexually alive, turned on and swept up in the moment. But, if you’re like many of my clients, you have a huge capacity for love, yet are still experiencing intimacy issues. I use time-tested practical and body-based methods that really work to help individuals and couples move through their physical and emotional intimacy struggles. The result is that sex becomes playful, fulfilling and invigorating – and you’ll finally be able to let go and fulfill your true erotic potential.


So, if you’re ready to claim your power in the bedroom, understand yourself sexually and fearlessly unleash the passion inside of you, I can help you get there.

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Specializing in Male Performance Issues

Whatever your specific issues are, my experiential relationship coaching sessions will deepen your connections to intimacy and sex. Through my interactive coaching style, you will feel supported in a safe environment while receiving comprehensive constructive feedback. You’ll discover how to approach your partner in a way that will elicit the kind of expression, release, and pleasure you both have been craving.
During our sessions, I’ll help you overcome erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, performance anxiety and more, so you’ll quickly feel more confident between the sheets.

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Helping Women to Navigate the Rocky Terrain of Intimacy, Sex and Relationships 

Women are bombarded daily with mixed messages about sex. These confusing messages only distance us from knowing what true pleasure and desire is in our bodies. There is an enormous pressure to be sexy, thin and beautiful. Yet, most of us never really understand what ‘sexy’ feels like in our bodies. The tragic result is that pleasure is often overlooked because of shame, fear, poor body image, and not having healthy relationships that allow open communication. That’s why the most common reason women show up in my office is low sexual desire.

While working together, you’ll learn to understand yourself sexually so you’ll love your body, increase self-confidence, enjoy your erotic self without guilt, heal orgasm difficulties, overcome sexual obstacles caused by past trauma and more. You’ll finally wake up all your pent-up desires and unleash the sexual goddess within.

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For Couples to Enjoy a More Sexually Satisfying Relationship

Healthy communication, where both people can openly and vulnerably share, is the major factor for maintaining erotica closeness. Good communication creates safety, and feeling safe is the baseline for being able to enjoy an erotic connection. And, you also must learn how to play one another’s body like an instrument, gain understanding of each other’s deepest erotic desires while remaining open to your own needs.
The most common reasons why couples work with me is little or no sexual desire in one or both individuals, recovering from infidelity, exploring fantasies, accepting our ever-changing bodies, coming back together after children, exploring fantasies, communication problems and more.

During my couples coaching sessions, I’ll help you and your partner create sexual satisfaction, playfulness and a deep erotic connection. You’ll sort through the complexities of your relationship and learn practical tools to create the passionate love making you both deserve.

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My Relationship Coaching
is For You if….

You long to experience more sexual pleasure

You want a more intimate relationship with your partner

You want to learn effective ways to last longer in bed without medications

You want to improve your confidence during sex and in relationships

You want to overcome sexual dysfunction issues in a safe atmosphere 

You want to lessen anxiety and negative thinking that sabotages your sexual performances

You want to gain full control over your orgasms

You want to overcome past sexual trauma

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Video Course

I’d like to personally invite you to sign up for my Premature Ejaculation Mastery video course. In the privacy and convenience of your home, you’ll learn my groundbreaking 5-step system for lasting as long as you want in 12 engaging videos. I know you’re going to find this course enormously helpful!

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Virtual sex coaching is just as effective as my in-office sessions. You can rest easy knowing all your private video sessions will be fully confidential and secure. Your trust, safety and confidentiality are my #1 priority.

If you’re interested in private sessions, please fill out this contact form:

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