Helping Couples Reignite their Sexual Passion

During these challenging times, relationships may become stressed to the breaking point by factors such as the pandemic, ongoing lockdowns, political differences and financial problems. But even in the best of times, if you stay together long enough at some point you’ll struggle to connect sexually. We all desire erotic connection in our romantic relationships, and it’s quite common for that energy to become blocked. And that creates tension, which makes it challenging for the love between you and your partner to flow naturally.

Learning healthy communication is important as it creates safety, and feeling safe is the baseline for being able to fully enjoy the most successful intimate connection. When communication is easy and flows effortlessly, it’s easy to make adjustments around sexual activities. But maintaining long-term erotic passion requires much more than just healthy communication.

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You’ll Learn How to Play Each Other’s Body Like Instruments

Seeking professional help during difficult times is the best way to speed up the process of change, reconnection and passion. I’m proud to have helped countless couples bring sexual satisfaction, playfulness and erotic connection back into their relationships. Wherever you are starting from, it is possible to change the patterns in your relationship and lead a life with deeper and more meaningful intimacy. In our interactive sex coaching sessions, we will get to the root of what is keeping you and your partner from coming together, literally and metaphorically.
The exploration of re-igniting your sex life can be playful, fulfilling and enlightening. Let me pull back the sheets of your relationship and uncover how you two can really connect, both emotionally and sexually. You’ll gain a new awareness and understanding of each other’s deepest erotic desires and sexual fantasies without judgement.

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Some common reasons couples see me….

Little or no sexual desire

One of the most common reasons people see me is little or no sexual desire in one or both individuals. During our sessions, we will explore what’s blocking the erotic energy from naturally flowing, and help you and your partner get back to passionate lovemaking.

Longing for Hot Sex

Is your relationship amazing, but your sex life seems to be “meh”? Or, as you grew closer in other ways, has your sex gradually mellowed and become less passionate? This is a very common experience for many couples. Why settle for stale when you could be blowing each other’s minds? Let’s explore your world as a couple and see what’s possible.


Many couples have decided that having one sexual partner doesn’t work for them, and consciously decided to explore open relationships. This non-traditional attitude can bring with it many unanticipated fears and feelings. I can help you navigate this adventurous terrain safely during supportive and non-judgmental coaching sessions.

Recovering After Relationship Infidelity

Choosing to stay in your relationship after a breach of trust takes courage, commitment and forgiveness. Let’s move through this life-changing disruption with care and honesty, which can help bring you and your partner even closer than before.

Reconnecting with our ever changing bodies

Our bodies are constantly changing. As we grow older, we can become more disconnected sexually from our own bodies as well as our partner’s body. Re-learning about one another’s bodies can be more pleasurable than you ever imagined.

Coming back together after children

Having children can be one of the most rewarding experiences, yet it can also throw a curveball around intimacy with couples. There is no reason bringing a new life into the world needs to prevent you from having a passionate erotic life. Let’s explore how you can reconnect and have even hotter sex than before you had children.

Exploring Fantasy

Exploring fantasies can be both exhilarating and scary. Expressing our innermost sexual secrets is one of the most vulnerable experiences we can have as a human. Whether it is learning what turns you on, fully embracing your sexual fantasies or exploring a new world of fantasy, I’ll help you make it fun and deeply connecting with your partner.

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