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Do you long to feel more confident in bed and experience passionate sex?

And, you're not sure how to achieve it?

As a leading sex & relationship coach, I want you to know you’re not alone in this concern!

We are all sold the idea that ‘sex should be a natural act’,

YET, nobody is born an amazing lover…. they are made.

If you're like most of my private clients, you have a huge capacity for erotic connection, and continue to experience frustrating blocks to unforgettable sex.

Here's the great news!

Whether you're single or partnered,

I've created a groundbreaking (and fun!) online Sex Class with surprisingly simple steps to unlock pleasure and blissed-out sex.

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“With my new Sex Class, I want to help you discover and own your full sexuality.

~ Keeley Rankin

Keeley's Sex Class is for You if....

  • You want sex to be fun
  • You want to be able to clearly communicate you desires
  • You want to let go of performance anxiety
  • You want the bedroom to be a place of deep creativity and exploration
  • You want to step out of the box of society's sex expectations
  • You want to move past shame or hang ups that keep you stuck in rut
  • You want your erotic world to deeply connect you to others and yourself
  • You want to step into your power as an authentically connected erotic adult
  • You long to fully be yourself

Reclaim Your Sexuality

Do you want to understand and embody your sexuality?
Know what turns you on outside of society's expectations on you?

Are you longing for a real erotic connection that leaves you blissed out, open and more deeply alive?

Understanding what you want in the bedroom seems like it should be easy.

Yet, for many folks it's a confusing symphony of social pressures, myths, lack of education, comparisons and general disconnection from our body.

Western society tells us more, faster, bigger… yet what we need in sex is often deeper, slower and more passionate than what our culture teaches us.

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Fulfill Your True Erotic Potential with Keeley's Sex Class

What vibe turns you on?

What do you want to receive?

How do you want to give?

What sexy words do you want to hear?

Do you feel sexy and confident sharing fantasies?

How does someone seduce you?

We all fall into the rut of comparing ourselves: our bodies, our skills, abilities, performance, frequency, number of partners…do I need to keep going?!

I want to help free you. Free you from old stories, baggage, shame, comparison, fear of not fitting in.
Amazing life changing sex will happen for you when you embrace your full erotic self and confidently open your whole self to another.

Whether you're currently more interested in exploring short term sexual based relationships or in a long term committed romantic relationship, my couple's sex classes will give you the tools to go deeper into pleasure.

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Expand your Sexy Mindset with My Online Sex Workshop

What’s holding you back from claiming your authentic power in the bedroom?

If you're like many people, one major culprit could be your mindset (Module 1 explores this in depth). Your inner negative self-talk leaves you believing you're not living up to the ‘expectations’ during sex. This is the ultimate buzz-killer! And fundamentally, at it’s core - NOT a sexy headspace! Instead of relaxing and enjoying the experience, You feel ashamed, sexually inhibited and disconnected...

Or... maybe you get caught up worrying you'll never be able to satisfy any partner? These thoughts are not true about you! I’m going to give you the tools to move past these unhelpful thought patterns and so, so much more!

Since 2010, I have helped countless couples and single folks stuck in patterns of shut down and turn-off. Knowing and communicating your deepest sexual needs and wants, while scary at times, is the path to your best sex life!

My virtual sex class for couples and singles will guide you through my proven client centered method to overcome all the most common challenges we face in the bedroom.

Hi, I'm Keeley Rankin, Sex Coach Extraordinaire!

Since 2010, I’ve been in private practice as a sex and relationship coach.
My passion is to help individuals and couples navigate the rocky terrain of sex and relationships. I received my Master’s in counseling psychology from John F. Kennedy University with a focus in marriage and family therapy.
I’m a Certified Somatic Method Practitioner, Certified Queer Conscious Educator, Certified Mindfulness Teacher and Certified Sexological Bodyworker.

I train and supervise up and coming sex therapists and sex coaches.

I have been featured in 40+ podcasts and many different publications, lead workshops and give lectures.

I pride myself on creating a space of safety, trust and confidentiality (secure access and not selling your data) at the forefront of my practices, allowing you to explore and evolve without fear of judgment.

I want to help you step into your joyful, free-spirited, and playful self. My goal in creating Keeley's Sex Class is to make my life-changing relationship and intimacy skills, techniques, and strategies accessible and affordable to everybody, not just my private clients.

Keeley's Sex Class Will Transform How You Move Beneath the Sheets (and Through Life!)

Ready to have more fun, feel more confident, and become an expert lover?
In 12 engaging modules, I'll teach you how to unleash your erotic potential, skyrocket your pleasure and forge deep & meaningful connections.

Designed as sex classes for couples and people who are single, these virtual sex lessons are geared toward showing you how to connect with pleasure in your body and with another person. So, no matter how long you've been questioning yourself, even if you're close to giving up hope of ever having a fulfilling relationship... You’ll finally start enjoying uninhibited, meaningful, “comin’ back for more & more” sex...with more confidence and clarity than ever before.


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Sex Myths? My Sex Class will help debunk them.

Sex is often a tangled web of lousy misinformation and falsehoods that many people fall into. Keeley's sexual education for adults shatters the all too common myth that fulfilling sex is reserved for the lucky few, and other myths that hold us back:

Myth #1: Great sex should be spontaneous

Fact: While spontaneity can certainly add spice to certain bedrooms, amazing sex has many other elements beyond surprise. Through knowing your own body, open communication and enthusiastic consent, couples discover that the most exciting sexual experiences arise from intentional connection and mutual curiosity.

Myth #2: Dudes are always ready for sex

Fact: Contrary to popular belief, men aren't always walking around giving a green light for sex. It's important to remember that all people, including men, will experience fluctuations in libido and this is perfectly normal. Factors such as stress, health concerns, unmet needs, changing emotional states are just a few common things that can make it difficult for the sexy energy to flow. This stereotype tends to overlook the complexities of human sexuality, and make many men feel inadequate and their partners confused.

Myth #3: Good sex is reserved for the beautiful bodies

Fact: Your body and its ‘look’ has nothing to do with your access to great sex. All humans, even those with ‘perfect bodies,’ can struggle to feel connected to pleasure. Mind blowing sexual experiences come from feeling free and confident in your body, not six pack abs.

Myth #4: People in relationships don't masturbate

Truth: Most sexually healthy couples masturbate. There's no shame in self-love! In fact, masturbation is a normal and healthy part of being a human. It isn't just a means to physical release; it allows you to explore yourself without navigating the ever complex nuances of relationship. This solo-act is a way to discover desires, enhance awareness of pleasure, and ultimately enrich your whole erotic world.

Myth #5: Porn is an accurate portrait of sex

Truth: Real-life sex is a far cry from the glossy fantasies of pornography. Porn presents a highly curated view of sex that focuses on ‘the image’ over pleasure. With my sex class, we are going to help you write and be engaged in a script that is more arousing for you than porn could ever be.

Myth #6: Performance struggles are not fixable

Truth: You are more than your performance. Yet, how you feel in the bedroom is often impacted by how embodied you can be. When stuck in worry about performance, you are letting the precious moments of connection slip away. All performance issues are workable, many are fully treatable. By gaining knowledge, practicing and exploring techniques to feel more connected to the arousal in your body, your performance concerns will become a thing of the past.

My Sex Class is perfect for you to take just for yourself or with your partner!

My breakthrough sex education lessons are focused on helping you more directly relate with your own body. Meaning, this sex class is not dependent upon what relationship currently exists in your life.

If you have someone you want to deepen your erotic connection with, have your sweetie join. And, if you are in-between lovers (figuratively and literally), no problem!

Let’s unlock your erotic potential, sign up for Keeley's Sex Class!

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What Sets Keeley's Sex Class Apart

Warning: Not all sex education for adults is created equal!

Other sex classes fall short because of what I call “the white picket fence of sex.” Sex becomes idealized and romanticized more like a Hollywood version of relationships rather than what most people experience in real life. So, their sex lessons superficially focus on selling you ‘the dream’, which fails to address all the messy layers of our humanness.

I want to help you learn real tools that will give you access for a lifetime of really good sex and meaningful relationships. We are going to help you sort through communication barriers, emotional disconnect, and mismatched sexual desires.

Those other sex classes also ignore the #1 key for fabulous sex... sex exploration. If couples wish to truly enhance their experiences together, they first need to understand themselves, then let go and embrace all of it and learn to sexually play!
Because even the closest and most passionate relationships have many awkward moments. When couples truly understand themselves sexually and give space to one another, they overcome barriers that block their path to life changing orgasms. Unlike other sex classes, mine is designed so you can experiment with various techniques, communication strategies, and fun games that challenge and expand your repertoire.

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“You are going to gain confidence, experience heightened pleasure, and forge incredible connections.”

~ Keeley Rankin

A Sneak Peek Inside Keeley's Sex Class

Module 1: The Importance of Mindset

Modern physics is proving the mind/body connection is real! That's why feelings of shame, inferiority, unattractiveness, and other negative beliefs can hamper your ability to let go and experience mind-blowing sex. I'll show you how to banish your inner negative self-talk and rewire your thought pattern so you can love yourself unconditionally and achieve a wonderful sex life and deeper relationships.

Module 2: Learning to Be Present in Your Body

Being fully present in your body is vital for the most satisfying erotic life. Many people feel aversion to their bodies, which leads them to feeling disconnected. We'll explore the art of being fully present by embracing every sensation, tracking our pleasure, and being open to mind-blowing new experiences. You'll learn fun exercises and games from mindfulness to sensual body scans that create endless possibilities within yourself and a partner.

Module 3: The Lost Art of Touching

Learn how to make every caress count and create a delicious build-up toward explosive, toe-curling sex! We'll focus on the lost art of touch and its powerful impact on building intimacy, both in bed and out. You'll dial up the passion in your relationship by learning the many different nuances of touch, including how to ignite excitement and pleasure in your partner with just the graze of your fingertips!

Module 4: Sex Acts

Everything you've always wanted to know about each sex act and beyond. In this module, we'll dive into the tantalizing world of sexual exploration and pleasure. If you've ever wondered what to do for eye-popping sexual experiences, this lesson of tips and tricks is the solution to supercharge your bedroom. You’re gonna have to turn the AC on:).

Module 5: Self-Image & Body Positivity

Those words get kicked around a lot, but what exactly do they mean? In this lesson, you'll learn how to start (or deepen) your journey to unconditional self love. If you don't learn to let go of insecurities and appreciate every inch of yourself, it's going to limit your ability to fully connect with a partner and experience the deeper levels of intimacy you desire and deserve.

Module 6: The Big O and Beyond

My sex class for couples, singles and those who are dating will unravel the mysteries of orgasmic pleasure. It's time to uncover what truly makes you and your partner's toes curl with delight, even if you've struggled to climax in the past. We'll uncover how to overcome performance pressures, strategies for those who have trouble experiencing orgasm, and explore the nuances of climaxing for both men and women.

Module 7: Healthy Relationships

Creating healthy, intimate and loving romantic relationships is challenging for most people. We're going to lay the groundwork for love, trust, and effective communication. We'll explore what romance means to you and how you can bring it into a relationship, break through intimacy barriers, and start to heal those pesky unconscious childhood wounds that are keeping you frozen. (Yes, we all have unconscious childhood wounds impacting our intimacy.)

Module 8: Fantasy

Embark on an exhilarating (and for many people the scariest) journey into the realm of dirty talk, role-play, and unleashing your deepest desires. Learn how to take things to an entirely new level as you learn the art of seductive dialogue, how to create erotic scenes, and explore the taboo and kinkier sides of your fantasies - alone or with a partner. I guarantee, when done right, you'll skyrocket pleasure to electrifying new heights.

Module 9: Blueprints

Did you know each of us has a sexual blueprint? Module 9 takes you on the paradigm changing journey to discover your unique sexual blueprint. These blueprints can be energetic, sensual, sexual, kinky, or shapeshifting. Just like the concept of love languages, understanding these blueprints allows you to explore your sexuality and connect on an even deeper level with partners.

Module 10: Communication

It's not easy to express your sexual needs to a partner, such as the pace, pressure, or technique you desire. It's important for creating the deeply intimate and satisfying relationship you crave. Here you'll learn to express your desires, preferences, and boundaries to your partner with ease. Learning skillful communication will ensure that you and your partner's needs are met, and desires fulfilled to their fullest.

Module 11: Risks & Boundaries

My sex classes tackle these sensitive, yet vital topics of consent, STIs, pregnancy, abortion, and past traumas with care and responsibility. We'll learn about drawing boundaries in intimate interactions, navigating convos around sexual health, and the complexities of pregnancy and abortion. You will walk away with the knowledge to navigate these talks with compassion and respect for yourself and your partner.

Module 12: Celebration!

In module 12 of my online Sex Class, we will have so much to celebrate….and I love to celebrate! Now that you’ve almost completed this transformative program, the real impacts will begin to ripple out of you. We’ll recap, delight, and celebrate in the newer and more erotically badass individual that you are. Not everyone takes the time to learn how to be an amazing lover, and you have!! You are fully armed with the most powerful sex tools and knowledge to navigate the waters of pleasure and infinite possibilities from connection and fulfillment.

How Much is Eye-Popping, Toe-Curling, Mind-Blowing Sex Worth to You?

For most, it’s priceless! After spending the last 4 years telling all new client contacts that I have a 6+ month long waiting list, I created my Sex Class to provide options for people. Not only is my Sex Class super affordable and accessible, you can start right away. So, for the one-time low cost of ${{xxx}}, you’ll learn my proven method for improving romantic relationships and creating the sex life you deserve... and receive all my expert tools, tips, strategies, and techniques normally reserved for my private clients. For a limited time, for only $100, you can add on a 40 minutes 1-1 call with yours truly (my usual session rate is $380). Sign up and add on our exclusive call during checkout.

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