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One-on-One Sex Coaching 

Since 2010, I’ve been successfully helping men get the most pleasure and satisfaction from their sexual experiences, and enjoy more fulfilling relationships. Whether you’re struggling with premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or other issues, I’m here to help. Through interactive and highly effective sex coaching sessions, you will feel supported and guided, while receiving comprehensive constructive feedback. The first step begins with you – exploring and opening up to your own sexual desires, wants and needs. By connecting with your authentic self, you’ll discover how to welcome, understand and accept what really turns you on. You’ll finally learn how to approach your partner in a way that will elicit the kind of expression, release, and pleasure you (both) have been craving.

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Stop Premature Ejaculation with My 5-Step System 

Take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. Today, it’s estimated that 1 in 3 men report experiencing early ejaculation. So instead of feeling pleasure, you may experience dread with each sexual encounter, along with constant frustration and emotional pain that further limits connection with your partner.
The good news is my coaching sessions are tailored for your unique needs and goals, and will teach you how to control premature ejaculation. Men of all ages, walks of life and stages of severity have trusted me to guide them towards deeper pleasure and increased self-confidence. Together, we’ll explore your physiological and psychological barriers that are contributing to your early ejaculation struggles. You’ll also learn my my 5-step system for overcoming premature ejaculation that has helped men from around the world last longer and enjoy the mind-blowing sex they deserve.

Once you master ejaculatory control, you’ll regain your confidence, enjoy more satisfying relationships, and the most fulfilling sex life you deserve.

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Successful Treatment for Delayed Ejaculation

If you’re like many men who suffer from delayed ejaculation, you may be holding themselves back without even realizing it. Delayed ejaculation is finally healed by learning how to follow each of the pleasurable sensations in your body. During each coaching session, we’ll dive deep into what has been holding you back. Together, we’ll uncover those hidden thoughts and emotions that may be preventing ejaculation, and you’ll learn how to access what really turns you during sex. The first step to overcoming this struggle is to learn how to talk openly about what is you are feeling, thinking and wanting. Whether your struggle has been lifelong or recent, you’ll learn the real reasons that have prevented you from easily letting go into your orgasm.

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Relief From Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the ultimate buzz killer. Psychological erectile dysfunction can destroy your romantic life, lead to crippling fear and embarrassment, and cause such a lack of confidence that you may stop having sex altogether. There can be many reasons for erectile dysfunction -- the most common are performance anxiety, over-impulse control and emotional problems from past relationships. Most men who struggle with non-medical erectile dysfunction have some combination of all three. During our coaching sessions, we’ll uncover what is keeping you stuck. You will learn how to connect to your erotic energy more easily and fully, and enjoy equally as satisfying sexual experiences.

For men with medical erectile dysfunction, I’ll help you get more from sex with all that you’re physically capable of. There are many sexual joys that you can still experience even with medical ED. Don’t wait one more day not experiencing the intimacy that you need and deserve.

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Here is What Grateful Clients are Saying….

The best part for me about the premature ejaculation audio course was when you said even a 1 second improvement is an improvement, which helps me to not feel as much pressure to improve quickly. Plus, I could totally relate about how you said the early ejaculation problems also end up causing some men to have problems getting it up, which I know all too well.

Jack, Sacramento

Our work was very enlightening and you certainly made me feel comfortable and relaxed to let some of these new techniques to take hold. I felt a real connection to you in a very short period of time which allowed me to open up very quickly. I have much to work on but feel I’m on the right path.

David, Toronto. Canada

You are very, very good at what you do – not just the sexual training part but your broader understanding of human need and your capacity for empathy and acceptance. I feel very lucky to have met you.

Franck , San Francisco

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