Unleash Your Sexual Goddess

If you’re like many women, you long to feel beautiful and desirable, and bring uninhibited sexuality into the bedroom. Why is that so difficult to achieve? The assumption in our culture is, because you are a woman, you will know how to navigate the rocky terrain of intimacy, sex, and relationships. We are expected to know what we like, how we like it, what turns us on and what gets us off. Yet nothing could be further from the truth! As a sex therapist, I often see how these myths lead to many unfortunate consequences in women’s lives and relationships, and cause them to feel inadequate.

Why Women Struggle with Eroticism

Many women struggle with eroticism because sex and intimacy, choosing the right partners and navigating romantic relationships are rarely taught or explained to us while growing up. And healthy relating and sexuality were often not modeled by our parents. So, we’re stuck with figuring it out on our own through painful trial-and-error as we go along.

Another huge problem is that women are bombarded daily with mixed messages about body image and sex, which leads to self-loathing. The media and our celebrity culture put enormous pressure on women to fit their rigid paradigm of what “sexy” is, and have the so-called perfect body. These confusing messages lead women to feel shame and inadequate that prevents them from getting in touch with true pleasure and desire. So they never experience what authentic ‘sexy’ feels like in their bodies.

My one-on-one sex sessions will help you…

Embrace and Enjoy Your True Erotic Self

I’ll show you how to become erotically charged, passionately connected and incredibly sexy. You’ll finally gain confidence, freedom and your full sexual power. By unleashing your true sexual self, you’ll understand what it truly means to be a sex goddess.

Overcoming Fear of Dating

Whether you’re recently single and re-entering the dating world, or just haven’t had much luck with the dating scene, I can help you become more successful. During our sessions, you’ll learn how to overcome insecurities on dates, and develop the tools you need to feel more comfortable within yourself. You’ll increase your chances of finding the deeply emotionally and sexually satisfying relationship you deserve.

Love your body and increase self-confidence

Constantly worrying about how your body looks both in and out of bed consumes your energy, contributes to low self-esteem, and takes you away from connecting with yourself and your partner. Let’s move through whatever is holding you back from loving your body right now, so you can experience full sexual desires and pleasure.

Rekindling Desire

Desire and passion are keys to feeling fully alive. When desire seems lost within ourselves or our partners, it can lead to sadness and depression. As humans, we need connection, touch and passion to experience life at its fullest. Together, we’ll uncover and remove what is holding you back, so you can finally experience all that you truly desire.

Sexual Obstacles Caused by Physiological Changes

Our bodies are constantly changing and shifting, and as we age it’s common to feel more sexually disconnected and like a stranger to ourselves. Women are also sent false messages by society that sex isn’t enjoyable after a certain age, which is a load of hooey! Learning to love your body as you age, and discovering what you enjoy sexually, can unleash more pleasurable erotic experiences than you ever imagined possible -- even into your golden years and beyond.

Lack of Confidence

Are you worried that you’re not doing it right? Or that you’re not giving enough pleasure to your partner? Are your sexual experiences not satisfying and you lack the courage to ask for what you need? Being secure enough to ask for what you need in bed is key to having mind-blowing sex. Cast aside your old belief system about who you are and step into a new, confident, proud-to-be-sexual woman.

Inability to Climax

The pain and frustration accompanying the inability to reach orgasm can adversely affect all aspects of your life, especially your romantic relationships. It can also lower your confidence and make you feel less desirable. I have successfully helped many women overcome sexual frustration and learn how to regularly reach climax.

Sexual Abuse or Unwanted Sexual Experiences

You no longer need to let past sexual trauma or unwanted sexual experiences keep you from enjoying the rewarding sex life you deserve. In a compassionate and caring environment, I’ll help you heal from past trauma so you can move forward into a healthy and loving sexual relationship with your partner.

I’ll Help You Find Your Unique Sexy

While women show up in my office for any number of reasons, the most common is for low sexual desire. These women are not interested in sex and even ask, “What’s in it for me?” During our sex therapy sessions, I’ll help you more deeply understand yourself sexually, and discover enormous pleasure in your erotic experiences. We’ll work at your own pace so you can understand the patterns holding you back. Together, we’ll remove any blocks and old belief systems that are standing in your way.

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