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Register for my Premature Ejaculation
Video Course

I would like to personally invite you to sign up for my Premature Ejaculation Mastery video course. In the privacy and convenience of your home, you’ll learn my groundbreaking 5-step system for lasting as long as you want in 12 engaging videos. I know you’re going to find this course enormously helpful!

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Sex as Meditation | How to Turn the Erotic into a Mindfulness Practice

Sex as Meditation intends to break the bonds of detrimental social norms and establish a deeper more present relationship within ourselves and with others. Mindfully engaging our sexuality, our erotic selves, with pleasure and connection, allows us to connect beyond the conscious understanding. In this online video course, you will deepen your connection to yourself, your sensation body and your belief that are keeping you stuck in old patters.

Life Changing Sexual Confidence

What type of lover would you be if you felt secure in all you had to offer? In this online course, you’ll learn how to develop and own your erotic energy fully.

Touching Like A Pro

Touch in one of the most profound ways we communicate. This non-verbal action can leave our partners begging for more… or running for the hills. The art of touching requires you to both turn in to your own experience, as well as your partners. In this online video course, Keeley will teach you how to expertly turn on your lovers so they never want to leave the house – all with your touch and presence.

Sense & Rouse Your Sexual Fantasies

Sexual fantasies are one of the main avenues to incredibly hot, mind blowing sex. In this online video course, Keeley will help you more clearly understand, incorporate and communicate your erotic fantasies so you can import them in real life scenarios that will leave you desirous for more.

Import Desire and Transfer Lust

“Love is enough” to keep the spark alive in a relationships some say. Yet, what happens when it is not? What happens when you really love your partner but sex has left the relationship?

Keeley has worked with countless couples, helping them open up their world of sexuality and eroticism. In this online course, you will learn how to import your connection to desire and transfer your lustful energy into your relationship.

Pornography & Healthy, Balanced Sexuality

Struggling with over use of porn? You are not alone.
This digital world of pleasure can be a confusing to navigate at times – especially when it is so pleasurable and easy to view sexy images at any time.

It is important to maintain a healthy balance. Allowing porn to deepen your erotic world vs. shutting it down. In this online video course, Keeley will walk you through how to create a healthy relationships with porn so that you can truly enjoy the world of fantasy.