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End of an Era

friendship sex May 08, 2020

Seven years ago, I was driving across the Golden Gate Bridge when I picked up a call from one of my best friend’s Nikita. She proposed we start a blog around sexuality. For years, she had been encouraging me to write more but I had a block. Would people like what I had to say? Would my articles make sense?

Nikita’s idea was ‘candid conversations for real people around sex’. Me being the expert with professional training, her being a regular gal with a lot of sexual curiosities (and great writing skills).

Nikita had moved from San Francisco a few years earlier and just finished co-authoring her second book Demise of Guys with Philip Zimbardo. With her writing skills and enthusiasm, my desire to keep more connected with her and challenge myself to write more, we co-created

We started with a bang and for years we both regularly contributed articles. We had a few other people join our team. We had guest writers and some ghost writers. I even had a few clients post some of their works on the site.

With Nikita’s endless and patient editing, I began to gain confidence in my writing voice. She encouraged me to dig deeper, be more vulnerable and give time to words as they flow from my brain to my fingers.

BSE has given us so much to be thankful for over the years. Then, our articles began to slow down and our attention started to wane. 

We were losing interest and inspiration for BSE. So, we regrouped. What if we start a YouTube page? 

The enthusiasm lasted for a bit, but making time to record was a struggle.  My inspirations moved to creating online erotic learning courses, and Nikita’s moved to her art.

Therefore, we’ve made the decision dissolve BetterSexE. It is the end of the era for BSE. I feel sadness, but I remember that all things come to an end. Everything, everyone, has a life cycle, and our playful and fun little blog has had its.

We averaged about 5,000 views per month, have about 2500 followers and won 3 awards. Not too shabby for a side project. For those of us who followed us over the years, THANK YOU and we hope our advice added to your life.

I am happy to report our friendship is strong as ever. We are forever woven into one another's support systems. In many ways, we have a stronger bond because of the dynamics of the business relationship we shared.

Nikita will be working on her artwork and exploring her own ideas on her blog:

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