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Paris | 'Before and After' Sessions | Sex Club

dating relationships sex clubs Nov 15, 2019

Meet me in Paris with your lover and I will help you two have one of the most memorable erotic experience of your life. 


Adults enjoying “adult” sexy time with other like-minded individuals.


San Francisco -- and most of the US -- is sorely lacking in this type of entertainment…but Paris? Ooh la la!


The 'City of Lights', love, and passion is undeniably sexy and laissez-faire. Parisians have sex because they want to, because it’s fun. Moral hang ups, like not having sex on the first date, are for “les Américains.”


In short, it’s the perfect vibe for exploring sex. Best of all, what happens in Paris, stays in Paris – because we all have more fun away from home!

Click here to read more about sex clubs. 

What I love about sex clubs is the freedom to explore anything you want.


You’ll finally bring to life all those fantasies you’ve only explored inside your head. Fantasies like…


~Watching someone give a blow job – check


~Enjoy touching, licking, and kissing lots of luscious-looking skin – check


~Fucking in public while surrounded by others doing the same - check


~Meet another person to play with? Hey, don’t knock it till you try it, right?


Of course, loving the idea of a sex club and actually going to one are two different things. I’ve found many people don’t explore sex clubs for a few different reasons.


– One, because they’re not sure how to find one, or what to expect when they get there.


– Second, they worry it’ll be an all out orgy and if they’re not into that, they’ll be unable to say NO.


– Third, they’re not sure how to prepare themselves ahead of time, so they can have fun instead of cowering in a corner, hoping no one approaches them.


I get it, it’s intimidating to prep for a night of fun when you’re not sure what you’re getting into.


That’s why I’ve decided to help couples before and after their adventures at the sex club.


My sessions are designed to help you undress, literally and metaphorically, while staying connected to each other throughout the night. Even more important, how to  maintain that connection after your night of passion, when you may be struggling with new-found feelings and emotions.


I’ll be offering these "Before and After” sessions in Paris, France. Paris is the perfect place to launch this new series because they have so many options for sex clubs.

Let me assure you that sex clubs are not about forcing you beyond your boundaries. However, you need to know what those boundaries are before you step into a club. In the “Before” sessions, we’ll work on setting clear boundaries and expectations, so both you and your lover can have the time of your lives!


In the “After” sessions, I’ll help you come back together after the big night to build on the connection you created, and clear up any confusion or mixed feelings.


By working through these issues, you’ll be able to introduce different types of sex into your relationship. You’ll heighten your desire for each other and have orgasms you’ll never forget.


But this isn’t just about sex. It’s about trusting each other on a deeper and more intimate level. Because that’s what keeps couples together, long after they come down from the high of an orgasm.


I offering my “Before and After” couples coaching sessions in Paris – designed for your sex club debut.

When you arrive in Paris with your sweetie, you’ll get settled in a romantic spot (I’ve got great suggestions for hotels).


You’ll spend the next few days floating around Paris, adjusting to the time change. Sharing sultry glances as you anticipate what lies ahead.

The day before you head to the sex club, I’ll meet up with you and your lover for a 3-hour “Before” session. We’ll meet in a private space and explore a variety of playful exercises designed to get you “pumped” for the night.


These games will help you communicate your desires and boundaries before heading to the club. That way, you can feel free to enjoy yourselves without moments of doubt or anxiety.


Then, I’ll help you decide on a club and send you on your way.


At the club, you’ll have the time of your lives. You’ll discover each other in a whole new way and fall in love all over again.


The next day, we meet up for a 2-hour “After” session to discuss what worked. What was good, fun, any sexy. Relish and delight in the experiences you shared.


We’ll also break down any confusion or misunderstandings that came up during the night. After all, there’s always room for improvement!


You’ll have a night to remember & fantasize about for years to come (pun intended), with full support before and after the evening.


If this interests you, be in touch and I can let you know my current openings for 2020.

+ info (at)


Not sure you and your sweetie are quite ready for this?? Let’s schedule a couples session to talk about it.


Single and wish you could sign up for this great offer? Let’s work together. I’ll help you find the relationship you want and deserve, and become the person who can sign up for this life changing experience!

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